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  Black Magic Racing Shocks

Quick Results:

demoRESULTS                             8/21/15 Penn Can - 1st 

8/28/15 Penn Can - 1st


August 23, 2015

Series Results

demoSeries Results - We have not been running series races so far this year.

August 23, 2015

In Car Cam:

demoYou-Tube Channel - Still looking for anIn-Car Camera sponsor!

November 25, 2016


Brad to modifieds For 2016 Season

Brad Weaver will be stepping up into the Modified division in 2016. He will pilot the same combination that I did, a Bicknell Chassis with Wally Fiehls power!!

Looking forward to the season!!

Updated: November 25, 2016


2017 Unsettled at this time.

Updated: November, 25 2016


demoWe are excited about the new website launch and will be continuing to add content as we go! Check here for news of the new content as it is added!

 April 1, 2014

11/25/16.........End of the streak!

After 25 consecutive winning seasons, the streak is over. It was inevitable but still bitter. Having run only one feature in 2016 sure reduced our chances at continuing the streak. Still, it was a nice long run of feature victories of which I am very proud!!



8/28/2015.........2 in a row at Penn Can

 11th to first this week and two weeks in a row, feature winner at Penn Can. Next week its the penn Can Spectacular. We'll see what happens....


8/21/2015.........2nd Feature Win of the season at Penn Can

  Starting 14th on Friday night, we knew getting to the front would be difficult. The feature went "green to checkered" and when the dust settled, the Grammes/ Hilfiger/Weaver 5J was leading the pack! It was a vintage run to the front and a race I wont forget for a long time. I have to thank Brad and Grant and Wade and Mike for all of the hard work they put into this deal. Once again, there is no bigger thrill tahn driving your butt off to pass all of those cars and land in victory lane!



Friday night was a big night for me at Penn Can Speedway. Winning Friday nights feature stretched my winning streak to 25 consecutive seasons! Winning at least one race every year for 25 years in a row is truly amazing to me and I am very fortunate to have been able to be around long enough to accomplish this feat.

Second, the next VERY exciting thing is that tonights win was accomplished driving for Brad Grammes as the partial owner/crew chief. He has had some of the very BEST drivers drive and WIN for him and is one of the very BEST crew chiefs in the northeast. I have won races for MOST of the owners that I have driven for. For some reason, although I raced for Brad quite a few times, I wasn't able to win for him. That issue is now over and I am now very much relieved.

Third, Friday night marked the first win for my newest car owner, Grant Hilfiger, who also just happened to win the very exciting sportsman feature in thrilling fasion. Driving around the first and second place cars in the final corner to steal the victory. Congratulations on winning as a driver and an owner on the same night!!

Thanks to everone on the crew that kept the faith and has worked so hard to make it happen!!



3/22/2015........Team Hoffman Comes Through!!

I have been asked to drive a Kevin Hoffman team car in the 2015 BRP Modified Tour. We won the Tour Championship in 2012. And of course, I said YES!

Thank you to the Hoffman family for the opportunity!!!


3/22/2015........Still Looking for new partners for 2015!

Now is the time to get hooked up for some winning! I am looking for partners or rides or cash to get into VICTORY LANE in 2015. Lets crank it up!


2/2/2015  Go Pro Video

Looking for some Go-Pro Camera sponsorship this year...... I want to do some cool In-Car video, multiple angles etc. Vids will be posted here and to a dedicated You-Tube site and my other web sites. The videos should be excellent!! Anyone interested in sponsoring a cam or loaning a cam will get LOTS of credits!!!


1/3/2015.........I am looking for new partners for 2015!

I am currently looking for new partners for the 2015 season. I need additional resourses to fill up an ambitious 2015 season. The 2015 schedules are starting to come out and the financial incentives offered by Series and Tracks are significant. In order to guarantee participation in these events I need to secure any number of resources. I would consider car owners with cars engines etc. or I would also entertain a driving job for said Car Owners. I would also entertain offers from cash or equipment sponsors. E-mail me at Brian@BrianWeaverRacing to participate!!


11/29.........That's It for 2014!!

2014 has now come to a close for Weaver Racing. A season with mixed results and engine woes saw us wind up with 4 feature wins. 2 each at 5-Mile Point and I-88 speedways. Our finish in the point standings was also mixed and disappointing as we tallied a 3rd place at 5-Mile Point and dropped to 6th at I-88.


11/2...........Fast but no cigar!!

We were fast all weekend with Steve's big block at Lernerville. While racing 4th In the feature Saturday night we were run over by Chad brachman in the 3 car, causing multiple bent parts on the racecar. We were fortunate to limp home 7th.


10/15...........New life!

Mulitple engine owner Steve Roberts has given us a new life for a couple of season ending races. First, he will provide a 467 ci. big block for competition the weekend of October 25th at Lernerville Speedway in Western Pa. for the Steel City Stampede event.

Second, he will provide a 358 ci. small block for the final race at 5-Mile Point on November 1st.

Thanks Steve!!


9/7............The season is winding down!

Only one more race left on the I-88 point schedule, September 12th. That race will mark the last event for us in 2014. Recent engine issues have left us with little options other than to end our season short and regroup for 2015!!


8/15........Second win at I-88, fourth win overall in 2014

  We were able to gain some points back last night at I-88 by winning our second feature there this year!



8/7.....   A new article featuring our team has hit the Press and Sun Bulletin Online!

Check it out here..... http://www.pressconnects.com/story/sports/motor/2014/08/06/night-pits-racing-five-mile-point/13661731/


7/11...7/12      First Win this year at I-88,,,,,,,,,and a second at 5-Mile on Saturday!

 After a 4 week spell of broken parts and bad luck, our hard work and dedication paid off with our first win of the season at I-88 Speedway on Friday night. It was a huge team effort which included two trips to Bicknells, a lot of running around, a lot of spending money and long hours in the shop. Thanks to everyone involved!!

Saturday was almost just as good but we fell off the pace just a tick and finished second.


5/16.....5/17     More rain,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and a feature win!!

More rain on Friday, nothing new here!!

Saturday at 5-Mile Point we got off to a decent start in the postponed initial 20 lap feature from the week before by coming from 11th  up to 6th at the finish. A decent run. From there, we won the heat to start off the night's regular show. The good luck continued as we were able to take the lead early from our 4th place starting spot and complete the rest of the race out in front. At the end of the night we had another feature win and my 23 year consecutive win streak was extended to 24!! No sweating that one till August this year!!


5/2...5/3   One good night, and one baloney...........

Another fine run on Friday at I-88 Speedway wher we finished second to frirst time winner Tim Currier. Currier was abnormally fast and although I stayed with him for the most part, our car was a little tight in and a little loose off the corner. All in all another fast car beaten by a faster car on this night. As a result of two good finishes we are in a tie for first place in the points battle. Right where we want to be.

Saturday at 5-Mile ended up in basically another fiasco for us. After a spirited battle with the faster car of modified rookie Nick Petrilack in the heat turned to victory, we had our work cut out for us in the feature. Starting eigth on the grid, we quickly came through the pack only to smash into the spinning Petrilack. Results of that were, he keeps going, we go to the back. OK, restart again coming through the pack and once again contact with another car switching lanes from high to low got us another trip to the back. After several more incidents with cars switching lanes we emerged a little banged up with a 9th place finish. It wasnt what we were looking for as the 1A was as fast as any again......Next week we'll try again.


4/25,26  RAINY Weekend....

I-88 Friday night treated us to cloudy skies upon arrival and then turned to misty rain and then steady soaking rain. We did, however manage to get all of the modified heats in the books. A great heat draw started us on the pole, which we turned into a convincing win. Another great draw will palce us on the outside pole for next weekend's makeup feature!

Saturday's forecast for rain has also come to pass so we have been rained out again!


First Race Weekend.... Decent Start...

After a long cold and wet winter, we have finally got our first race weekend in the books! Everything started out very well at I-88 on Friday. We won the heat and set fast time of the night. In the feature we started 4th and battled an ill handling car coming away with a 3rd place finish. A fine start to the seasons point battle there.

Saturday at 5-mile Point speedway, we again started out battling a "pushy" race car. A poor finish in the qualifying heat left us 13th on the starting grid for the feature. After working hard on the chassis all night the crew was able to get the car tuning better and we wound up coming up through the field for a 3rd place finish.

 A fine effort by the crew, Brad Weaver, Ron Dieffenbach and Richie Kehle all week in the shop and at the track was the key again this week to our good finishes!


2014... WOW!!

There is so much going on right now in the world of Dirt Modified Racing!! In all of the 31 years I have raced these cars, I dont think I have seen as many innovative schedules, tracks switching sanctions or so many high paying events all happening in one preseason!! New opportunities for racers and fans alike are happening at a dizzying pace!

 Brett Deyo has been making headlines all winter and seems to have the midas touch right now. His NDRL Short Track Super Series has been amped up by great paying events and a venue move of his marque event, the SuperNationals 7. Not to mention a new sanction with big future plans!

 His new rival Andy Harpell is also making headlines of his own on the merits of his own, Race of Champions Dirt Tour and the big dollar American Racer Cup.

 The series grandaddy of them all, the DirtCar Super Dirt Series has been making headlies as well increasing their membership and expanding the schedule to its former glory. The DirtCar marque event in Syracuse is on the rebound and the World Finals in Charlotte has been getting bigger every year!

It is a great time to be a dirt modified racer!!!

Now, who has that winning lottery ticket i need to buy a new Bicknell and Wally Fiehls engine?? .........Oh yeah, and pay for that $4.70 a gallon for deisel fuel to travel, and the $12 a gallon for racing fuel, or the $175 for the .........and on and on......

Really, it IS a great time to be a modified racer!!!


Marketing Partners

To expand into all of the exciting new opportunities that 2014 is bringing forward, we are now looking for additional Partners in the form of marketing partners, car owners and team owners. 

This years lineup of showcased marketing partners so far:

  • RD Home Remodeling
  • Wally Fiehls Racing Engines
  • Bicknell Racing Products
  • Black Magic Racing Shocks
  • Magsarus Racing Ignitions
  • Hoffman Overhead Door

Enjoy our new site!


We're hoping to get this website off the ground running....

Hang on and enjoy as we will be continuing to add new content as time goes on. If you enjoy music, the site is filled with all time favorites, some cool racing songs and a couple of mood setters!!

If you are not the music type, there is a music control in the upper left hand corner of every page wher it can be easily turned off.

We are still struggling with the photo gallery but once running properly it will be filled with an entire library of shots taken over the years. Some of these are long forgotten shots that we have pulled from the archives. If anyone has any shots they would consider publishing her, PLEASE shoot us an e-mail at Brian@BrianWeaverRacing.com and we'll get them right up!!

One of the most exciting things happening for us on the social media side is the addition of a new YOU-TUBE channel where we will be posting up to date in-car and other view videos of our action!! Please watch for the launch on that!!

If any one has any ideas or complaints about the site, feel free to shoot the webmaster an e-mail at WebMaster@brianWeaverRacing.com .

Thanks for stopping in! And dont forget to get out to a local track soon for an night to remember!!


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